One late winter day three years ago, in a desperate roll of the dice, I dialed a number in an ad I had spotted in a local advertising broadsheet. The ad contained the magic words “flat roofs.” I had spent weeks trying to find a roofer willing and able to replace the two sunken, decrepit, flat roofs on the fixer-upper my husband and I had just bought in Hamden. We could have bred lobsters on those roofs, the water they collected was so deep. The roofers I called until then, all recommended by acquaintances, wanted nothing to do with, or knew nothing about, flat roofs.

The ad had been placed by Ken Ney of KJN Restoration. He came by, drew up a detailed blueprint to accompany his proposal, and gave me the names of several references to call. Two days later, we signed him up. He pulled up the four layers of old roofing (seven tons of it), replaced the rotten plywood and put down a new, well-draining roof with gutters (there were none before). I was delighted with the result.

After that, I hired Ken to replace the cedar shakes on the sides of the house. His carpenter, Joe, did a very good job. Next, Ken replaced the shingled roof on our shed and garage. Again, a fine job and no problems. He then replaced the picture windows in my living room and the sliding doors in the loft above our garage. All these projects went without a hitch.

What about his prices? I believe they are competitive, if not the lowest you can get. After he did my flat roofs, I had so much confidence in him that I did not ask for other bids on the other projects. I knew that even if I got a bid that was somewhat lower than Ken’s, I would hire Ken anyway because I did not want to risk the nightmare scenarios that are always possible when you hire a contractor you don’t know.

So, to sum it up, I have been very pleased with Ken’s work: he is a skilled and reliable contractor with wide expertise and a great deal of integrity.

Norma Buchanan, Hamden, CT
Quality service since 1994, BBB A+ Rating

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